Data Reporters

sources of insight for your own network

Data reporters are trusted organizations that provide notification, alerting, and the necessary raw data about suspicious systems or events originating from your network. These reporters enable you to take investigatory or remedial action about potential problems they have uncovered. Data is usually keyed and associated to your organization with a unique identifier such as a BGP autonomous system number (ASN), IP address assignment listing in a regional registry, or WHOIS information associated with a domain name. Proof of administrative control over this key information must generally be provided in order to obtain associated data. Trusted data reporters may offer this service for free, barter, or a fee. Data format, access, and licensing can vary widely. maintains this page as a neutral party, listing well-known, community-trusted data reporters. A summary of service for each listed reporter is shown below. makes no implicit nor explicit recommendation of any data reporter listed or omitted here. Contact details at the bottom of this page can be used to submit any changes to this summary that may be necessary.


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